How do YOU face the day?

Beauty is not superficial. As well as enhancing outer beauty, cosmetics play a big part in helping us to face every day.

If you were ever in any doubt about the value of what we do here in Oriflame, allow these 60 seconds to change your mind.

This video was filmed at Ori-Derm, the in-house clinical testing facility at the heart of Oriflame R&D, specialising in proving our cosmetic product’s performance.

It features some of the real women who volunteer for these clinical studies. Through their own inspiring words, they highlight the importance of Oriflame’s cosmetic products in the lives of everyday women.

What product are they talking about in this video? Comment below to find out.


Oriflame Research & Development Centre.

This video showcases exactly what we do here in the Research & Development centre in Bray. Co. Wicklow and the Skin Research Institute in Stockholm.

The Visia CR2.2 Beauty Imaging System.

Why not find out how we use this piece of instrumentation here in Ori-Derm from a panellists perspective.

The DermaTOP & Dynaskin Instrument.

Why not find out how we use this piece of instrumentation here in Ori-Derm.

Oriflame Celebrates it’s Golden Jubilee.

The Research & Development centre in Bray, Co, Wicklow joined in the celebrations with a Riverdance troupe.