Layers of face paint, gallons of fake blood, dramatic false eyelashes and more – caring for your skin amidst the madness of Halloween is frighteningly important! No one wants to wake up with a scary looking complexion after a fun night of ghoulish antics and fang-tastic festivities, so keep reading for some tips to help your skin survive this Halloween:

PRIME YOUR SKIN: There’s no doubt that heavy-duty makeup and face paint will be out in force on fright night, so make life little easier for your skin by applying a primer before you transform your skin. A primer will help to create a smooth surface for product application and can even help extend the wear of the products you place on top!

GET YOUR MASK ON: What better time of year to apply a face mask other than Halloween! You’ll blend right in with the crowd and even give your skin a beneficial treat to help keep it in the best-looking condition during the frightening festivities!

CLEANSE AWAY THE EVIDENCE: No matter how tired you are after your Halloween fun and games, be sure to cleanse your skin and remove your makeup before you go to bed! Leaving behind layers of scary face paint, residue, oil and dirt could clog your pores and leave you with a less desirable complexion in the morning. Not what we had in mind!

EXFOLIATION: Just in case you’ve any traces of the night before still hanging around, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin the morning after the Halloween fun. This will help to remove any impurities that didn’t quite budge last night as well as any dead skin cells lurking in the shadows.

MOISTURISE: When all the Halloween drama is over, your skin might feel quenched from the overload of face products. Use a moisturiser after cleansing or exfoliating to help recover a more refreshed, radiant and healthy-looking complexion that was cast aside on Halloween night. Trust us – your skin will thank you!

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween from everyone at Ori-Derm!

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