Mascara Studies - February 2020

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We are currently recruiting for a Mascara studies in February and we are looking for regular Mascara users.

We need ladies aged 18 – 55 to come into OriDerm on 3 consecutive days to try out our latest mascara products.

Study 1 will run from Monday 10th February to Wednesday 12th February

Study 2 will run from Tuesday 18th February to Thursday 20th February

You will need to be available for all 3 days in either of the studies.Please let us know ASAP if you are interested.

Instant Radiance Study - February/March 2020

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We are looking for ladies aged 30-50 with fine lines on the crows feet area, to take part in our 2 week study.

You would be required to visit Oriderm twice, 1st visit you will be given a basic moisturiser to use for 2 weeks and following that on your second visit we will supply our instant effect product which we will capture the before and after effects.

You can choose to be part of either of the following groups

Group A = 24th Feb (1 hour visit)  + 9th  Mar (2 hour visit)

Group B = 25th Feb (1 hour visit)   + 10th  Mar (2 hour visit)

Group C = 26th Feb (1 hour visit)   +11th Mar (2 hour visit)

And we will have appointment times from 8am to 3pm to suit you.

Please specify which day & time suits you best when replying

Payment for this study is €43

You will NOT be suitable for this study if:

  • Have applied cosmetic or skin care product to the face the morning of your appointment
  • You do not have fine lines on the crows foot area
  • Have had injections of anti-wrinkle products (collagen, hyaluronic acid, botulinic toxin etc.) or Microdermabrasion (vampire facial, PRP or micro needling)  in the past 12 months
  • Have an allergy to latex
  • You are taking or have taken medication for the treatment of acne in the last 2 years (Retin A/ Roaccutane).
  • Have moderate to severe acne on the face

Please let me know asap if you wish to participate.