It is with great excitement and anticipation that Ori-Derm are preparing to open its doors to you, our panellists again later this month.

We understand that the fight against Covid-19 is not over yet and with that in mind we have implemented many safety measures to ensure that you and the Ori-Derm team are kept safe at all times when here in Ori-Derm.

We ask that before you attend for any studies you will be asked to complete an Oriderm Covid-19 screening questionnaire. This must be completed before you can enter the building.

Please see below some of the measures that we have implemented within the facility.


Temperature Checks: All employees and those attending Ori-Derm must have their temperature checked and completed our Covid-19 Screening questionnaire in advance of their attendance in Ori-Derm Facility.

Social Distancing and Waiting Areas: Our waiting areas have been rearranged to allow for social distancing.  Studies will be designed with social distancing in mind to reduce the number of panellists and study investigators in Ori-Derm at the same time.

Enhanced Cleaning: Our dedicated team have implemented an enhanced cleaning schedule throughout Ori-Derm. A major focus on increased cleaning frequency of all doors, light switches, reception and waiting areas have been implemented.

Doors: We will leave doors opened as much as possible to reduce the need to touch surfaces such as door handles.

Additional Hand Sanitiser Stations: We have a hand sanitiser station on entry to the Oriflame R&D building as well as on entry to Ori-Derm. Hand Sanitisers are available at all study stations and in the waiting area. We encourage panellists and employees to use these frequently.

Panellists Only: We request that all panellists attending Ori-Derm to visit on their own (no children and accompanied person allowed inside the facility).

Masks and Gloves: Study Investigators in direct contact with panellists will wear masks. We also request panellists to wear masks unless specified, this will be confirmed to before your participation. If you arrive for your appointment without a mask, Ori-Derm will provide you with a mask. We do not recommend that panellists wear gloves. Panellists who enter in Ori-Derm wearing gloves may be asked to remove these and sanitise their hands on arrival.

Hand Hygiene: All employees are continuing to maintain strictest level of hygiene by washing their hands frequently. Hand hygiene is performed regularly with particular attention being paid after panellist contact. We encourage panellists to practice this high level of hand hygiene and you may be asked by Study investigators to wash or sanitise your hands at certain times.

Safety Signage: Throughout facility we have ample signage to remind our panellists to continue to practice hand hygiene, adhere to recommended social distancing and safety standards in place in Ori-Derm. We ask that all panellists please act in accordance with these essential safety measures.

Appointment Times: We have adapted our timetables and appointment times to reduce the number of panellist in the facility at any given time. It is important that you arrive for you appointments on time. If you arrive early we ask that where possible you wait in your car until your scheduled appointment.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: You should not attend Ori-Derm if you have respiratory symptoms, have travelled aboard in the past two weeks or have been in contact with a person who has COVID-19 in the past two weeks. If you are in a high risk category and have an appointment with us, please phone us first to let us know. You can find a list of high risk categories using the link 

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