Long-term studies in Ori-Derm are vital for proving the effectiveness and performance of a variety of cosmetic products over longer periods of use which can be up to 12 weeks. These studies are most often related to anti-ageing and reducing the appearance of the effects of ageing, with products such as day creams, night creams & serums.

Our expert investigators take a variety of measurements/images of your skin throughout the duration of the study to determine if there is an improvement in skin features related to ageing. For example, if there is an improvement in wrinkles, firmness or brightness after using the product(s).

The results of the long-term studies performed in Ori-Derm can then be used to make a variety of exciting product claims, for example:

‘Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by XX%’
‘Improves skin brightness by XX%.’
‘Increases skin firmness by XX%.’

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