R&D’s Principal Scientist Cyril Messaraa and Claims Scientist Michelle Mangan recently published an article in the Cosmetics and Toiletries – ‘Lasting Impression: A Consumer-Centric Approach to Measure Transfer-Proof Lipstick.’

This article explores the creation of our novel claims test method to substantiate the ‘Transfer Proof’ claim for Oriflame’s  1st EVER transfer proof lipstick – THE ONE Colour Unlimited Ultra Fix Lipstick, recently launched in Cat 14, 2020.

Instead of relying purely on numbers, we first investigated what ‘transfer proof’ actually means to the Oriflame brand partner in key Oriflame markets and placed this consumer perception / expectation at the heart of our approach. Combined with instrumental measurements, we could then assess the varying degree of transfer proof / resistance of our lipstick prototype and ultimately deliver the key ‘transfer proof’ claim for the NPD launch.

This claim became even more relevant this year with the impact of Covid-19 and the new consumer need to prevent transfer of make-up on to masks.


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