About Ori-Derm

About Ori-Derm
Ori-Derm proudly supports the Oriflame brand by conducting cosmetic studies to prove the functionality of our products, which are natural, progressive & trustworthy.


All of our products undergo rigorous safety assessments prior to evaluation, therefore they are safe and ready for our panellists to use in accordance with EU regulations.


All of our studies are ethically and safety approved.


What’s in it for me?
  • Payment for your time, loyalty schemes & free product incentives
  • Try out the latest products that target skin concerns like wrinkles, redness & pores
  • Find out more about your skin type
  • Give your views on products that are designed for people like you
  • Look great while helping to create new cosmetic claims
Why not join the Ori-Derm panel and be part of our innovative cosmetic product development!
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